Detail from my newest Seventh Sword cover. Brush, pen, ink and @copicmarker sketch markers. #theseventhsword #andrewrobinson #copicmarker #idw (at studio870)


I just realized Indestructible 4 came out this week. If you picked one up, thank you! #comics

The 7th Sword: Meet the Lost Androids
Miner-matics were androids originally built for service in mines. They can sense valuable gases, whether they’re buried beneath rock or being transported across the desert and, with the right programming or neglect, or not above killing to get it.

In this sneak peak from the first issue by writer John Raffo and artist Nelson Blake II, we see one of the Miner-matics who’s not too happy over being hit with a flamethrower.

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Indestructible #4 will be on shelves in a few weeks! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek at the upcoming issue. And you probably thought people with “Aqua” powers were lame.

Barry’s been working on his superhero pose in honor of today’s #Indestructible 3’s release. Maybe someone should tell him to steer clear of the classics.

What would your superhero name and pose be?